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Painting of Robert Burns, Clan MacFarlane
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Robert Burns And The MacFarlane Homelands

Robert Burns writes of his travels to the Clan MacFarlane homelands of Loch Lomond and Dumbarton. All-night parties & drunken horse racing. Good times!
Feature art , A Brief History of Burns Night, Clan MacFarlane© MacFarlane.org
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A Brief History of Burns Night: How a Scottish Poet’s Birthday Became a Global Celebration

Learn about the origins of this time-honoured tradition and discover how Robert Burns' poetry and songs continue to capture the hearts of the Scottish people.
Hogmanay Fireworks Scotland

Origins of Hogmanay

What does Hogmanay actually mean and what is the derivation of the name? Why do the Scots more than any other nation celebrate the New Year with such a passion? Why should a tall dark stranger be a welcome first foot visitor after midnight,…