Art of Scottish poet Robert Burns and abolitionist Frederick Douglass
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From Ayrshire to Abolition: Robert Burns and Frederick Douglass

Discover the unexpected bond between Robert Burns, Scotland's poet laureate, and Frederick Douglass, the renowned American abolitionist. Despite vastly different backgrounds, Burns' poetry profoundly influenced Douglass, inspiring his activism against slavery. Through shared struggles and admiration for Burns, Douglass found inspiration that transcended borders, shaping his legacy as a tireless advocate for freedom and equality.
photo of Samhain/Halloween turnips
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Samhain And The Origin Of The Jack O’ Lantern

The origin of the Jack O' Lantern has roots in a Celtic holiday called Samhain that celebrates the end of summer and the final harvest.
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MacFarlane: A Poem by Rebecca Lever

Rebecca Lever is a proud MacFarlane on her 101-year old grandmother's side. Recently Rebecca, traveled with her husband to the MacFarlane homelands of Loch Lomond to share her heritage and family history with him. The trip inspired her to write "MacFarlane", a Clan MacFarlane poem that beautifully captures the essence of our clan spirit. In these verses, she paints a vivid picture of a clanswoman,  buried on a remote island, her fate intertwined with a harsh and unfeeling world. The verses are a testament to the endurance of the MacFarlane legacy. Lever's words resonate with the clan's history, and through her verse, we honour the resilience of our ancestors and pay tribute to their memory.
image of the Earl of Lennox - MacFarlane name origin

Clan MacFarlane’s Rich History and MacFarlane Name Origin

Discover the captivating history of Clan MacFarlane, one of Scotland's earliest clans with feudal charters, tracing their roots to the Celtic Earl of Lennox and their pivotal role in Scotland's fight for independence. Explore the intriguing origins of the MacFarlane name, from Gaelic variations to its connection with pre-Gaelic languages. Learn how the Plantation of Ulster influenced the clan's name variations. Plus, find out how the International Clan MacFarlane Society and Clan MacFarlane Heritage Trust work to preserve this rich heritage.
Feature art , A Brief History of Burns Night, Clan MacFarlane©

A Brief History of Burns Night: How a Scottish Poet’s Birthday Became a Global Celebration

Learn about the origins of this time-honoured tradition and discover how Robert Burns' poetry and songs continue to capture the hearts of the Scottish people.
Art for Clan MacFarlane post John Knox The Thundering Scot
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John Knox | The Thundering Scot

We look back at the life of religious reformer John Knox, one of Scotland's most divisive figures, 450 years after his death. A Scottish reformer whose pervasive influence is still felt, there is no doubting John Knox was the dominant figure in the Church of Scotland's establishment, but little is known of his early life.
photo of Clan MacFarlane Plant Badge

Clan MacFarlane Plant Badge – The Cranberry

What is the Clan MacFarlane plant badge? Learn what it is and what its role it plays in the heritage of of the clan.