Founded in 1911, Glasgow & London ● Re-established in 1973, Grandfather Mountain, NC


Those of us who have been drawn by the powerful ties of blood into the special, colourful and turbulent history of Scotland have come to believe that visibly enjoying our heritage is a wonderful addition to our lives.  Clan MacFarlane Society gathering tents are hosted at Highland games all over the world. This is just one of the many ways we express our “Special Identity” to visitors at the Games, – especially to the “Parlanaich” (Gaelic – MacFarlane race).  We accept MacFarlanes of every race, creed, orientation and spelling as well as those persons bearing any of the more than sixty surnames associated with our Clan.

When you join us in the Clan MacFarlane Society Inc., you will receive a membership kit containing your membership certificate.  You will also be subscribed to our bi-monthly newletter “MacFarlanes Lantern”. This is full of information, Genealogy and Society social activities. Much more than that however, you will become part of an international, secular organization with members from many different countries. We feel sure you’ll begin to feel a personal bond grow between you and the many others who have linked their modern day lives with that of yourself and your shared ancestry. This will give you a new perspective on your family and Clan history. It will also keep you informed about what others of the “Parlanaich” are doing around the world.

We hope you already know your family’s history.  Did they leave Scotland or did they remain? Why did they leave?  If you don’t know the answers to these questions, then perhaps we can help you discover the truth about your heritage. If you are taking the time to read this, chances are you are of the “Parlanaich.” Be proud of your blood! Remember the men from whom you are descended or in the Gaelic language of your forefathers: “Cuimhnich air na daoine o’n d’thaining thu” Your Ancestors won’t let you down.

Le gach deagh dhurachd,

Portrait of International Clan MacFarlane Society President Michael MacFarlane

Michael   MacFarlane,  FSA Scot

International Clan MacFarlane Society, Inc.

Clan MacFarlane Charitable Trust
Scotland Scottish Charity #SC032498



The MacFarlane ancestral homeland is located in the Highlands of Scotland between Loch Long and Loch Lomond, having the same boundaries as the Parish of Arrochar. For over five centuries this area was held by the Chiefs of Clan MacFarlane and before them by their ancestors, the Celtic Earls of Lennox.

For much of their history, the MacFarlanes were a very turbulent lot. Their rallying cry, “Loch Sloy”, signalled many a night raid to “collect” cattle from their richer neighbors to the south and east. Their march-piobaireachd “Thogail nam Bo theid sinn“(To Lift the Cows We Shall Go) gives ample notice of intent. They were so competent that the full moon was known as “MacFarlane’s Lantern”.


In 1911 the original Clan MacFarlane Society, An Comunn Chloinn Phàrlane, was established in Glasgow and London. The Secretary of this society was the historian James Macfarlane, Author of History of the Clan Macfarlane, The Honour of Lennox, The Red Fox, and the recently released Ean Dudh. Due to the events of World War I, and the following economic depression An Comunn Chloinn Phàrlane faded out of existence by 1922.

In 1973 The Clan MacFarlane Society, Inc. was established at Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina and became heir to the original records of An Comunn Chloinn Phàrlane. Since 1973 the Clan MacFarlane Society, Inc. has grown into an international society with members world wide.


The International Clan MacFarlane Society, is an educational, secular, society formed to promote the perpetuation of Scottish Gaelic culture, traditions, customs, literature, and the preservation of artifacts and archaelogical sites. It is incorporated as a non profit organization under the US Internal Revenue Code (501c3).

We continuously strive to perpetuate our Scottish history and culture, to encourage our children to be proud of their heritage and participate in cultural events, to preserve our Clan MacFarlane artifacts and archeological sites and to educate current and future members about their Clan MacFarlane roots.

We hope you already know about your Scottish heritage.  If you do not, we will help you discover your history.  Loch Sloy! Join the Clan!

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Our haunted souls remind us
of battle cries long gone.
From Highlands skirled with melodies
of Scotland’s bravest song.

“Loch Sloy! Loch Sloy!” they cried it
or whispered as they bled.
And if they could not rise again,
it blessed the noble dead.

We proclaimed it as a triumph;
we moaned it when we fell;
we thought it meant, “You won it!”
and “Get up again!” as well.

We searched to find its meaning
at Clan MacFarlane’s home.
“Loch Sloy” means “Springtime’s comin’,”
no matter where ye roam.

Whenever trouble hits ye,
let it roll past til it’s fled.
Then rise and knock ye’r dust off.
“Springtime’s comin’!” Just ahead!

We smiled, we strange new moderns,
to realize it’s true.
“Loch Sloy” means “Springtime’s comin’-
hope is just ahead!” We knew.

Dottie Walters


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