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Art of Scottish poet Robert Burns and abolitionist Frederick Douglass
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From Ayrshire to Abolition: Robert Burns and Frederick Douglass

Discover the unexpected bond between Robert Burns, Scotland's poet laureate, and Frederick Douglass, the renowned American abolitionist. Despite vastly different backgrounds, Burns' poetry profoundly influenced Douglass, inspiring his activism against slavery. Through shared struggles and admiration for Burns, Douglass found inspiration that transcended borders, shaping his legacy as a tireless advocate for freedom and equality.
Painting of Robert Burns, Clan MacFarlane
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Robert Burns And The MacFarlane Homelands

Robert Burns writes of his travels to the Clan MacFarlane homelands of Loch Lomond and Dumbarton. All-night parties & drunken horse racing. Good times!
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A Brief History of Burns Night: How a Scottish Poet’s Birthday Became a Global Celebration

Learn about the origins of this time-honoured tradition and discover how Robert Burns' poetry and songs continue to capture the hearts of the Scottish people.