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photo of Clan MacFarlane Commissioner to New York, Hamilton Galloway

Meet New Commissioner to New York Hamilton Galloway

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Hamilton Galloway as the new International Clan MacFarlane Society Commissioner to New York state. Hamilton has been a dedicated representative for Clan MacFarlane in the annual New York City Tartan Day Parade.  He has faithfully led the Clan MacFarlane contingent in the famous event for the past few years. In the following interview, we sit down with Hamilton as he shares his journey, aspirations, and the significance of his role in connecting and celebrating our heritage in the vibrant state of New York.
photo of Celebrating Our Scottish Heritage, Kyle Dawson & Cindi McIntosh | Clan MacFarlane 47th Annual General Meeting & World Gathering© International Clan MacFarlane Society • Royal Publishing, Inc.

Tag Archive for: New York

promotion graphic for Clan MacFarlane at the New York Tartan Day Parade© MacFarlane.org

New York Tartan Day Parade | Clan MacFarlane Marching Contingent | New York, NY USA

Join the Clan MacFarlane contingent as we march in the 22nd Annual New York Tartan Day Parade, Saturday, April 9, 2022!