Promotional art for Clan MacFarlane at the Scottish Tartan Festival in Minden, Louisiana, USA
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Clan MacFarlane Named “Honoured Clan” At The Scottish Tartan Festival

Clan MacFarlane will be celebrated as "Honoured Clan" at the upcoming Scottish Tartan Festival 6th April in Minden, LA, USA!
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Clan MacFarlane Society’s Sponsorship: Bridging Heritage and Technology at Arrochar Parish Church

The International Clan MacFarlane Society generously sponsored high-speed internet for the historic Arrochar Parish Church in Scotland, a deeply significant place intertwined with Clan MacFarlane's heritage. The sponsorship elevated the church into the digital age, expanding its outreach globally. The church, originally tied to Walter MacFarlane, the last Clan Chief, holds historical significance, housing MacFarlane ancestors' graves and precious artifacts. Today, the MacFarlane Hunting tartan adorns the pulpit and communion table as a symbol of unity, celebrating the fusion of heritage and technology, envisioning a future enriched by both.
photo of Ken Burkitt, Jr.- Clan MacFarlane Commissioner To Pennsylvania USA

Meet New Commissioner To Pennysylvania Ken Burkitt

We are happy to announce the appointment of Ken Burkitt, Jr. as the new International Clan MacFarlane Society Commissioner to Pennsylvania USA.  Ken is fairly new to the Society having joined in 2019 but he has taken his heritage journey on with exuberance after answering the call to represent Clan MacFarlane in his home state of Pennsylvania.
photo of Scott and Gina McFarland, Clan MacFarlane Commissioners to South Florida

Meet New Commissioners To South Florida – Scott and Gina McFarland

We are happy to announce the appointment of Scott and Gina McFarland as the new International Clan MacFarlane Society Commissioners to South Florida. Scott and Gina have been a delightful addition to our annual Clan gatherings and have volunteered to represent our Society in their home state. Their passion and fun-loving spirit is much appreciated and we cannot wait to see what they accomplish. We asked Scott and Gina to tell us a wee bit about themselves, their personal MacFarlane story and what they have planned for the future of clan work in their area.
photo of Clan MacFarlane Commissioner to New York, Hamilton Galloway

Meet New Commissioner to New York Hamilton Galloway

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Hamilton Galloway as the new International Clan MacFarlane Society Commissioner to New York state. Hamilton has been a dedicated representative for Clan MacFarlane in the annual New York City Tartan Day Parade.  He has faithfully led the Clan MacFarlane contingent in the famous event for the past few years. In the following interview, we sit down with Hamilton as he shares his journey, aspirations, and the significance of his role in connecting and celebrating our heritage in the vibrant state of New York.
art for new Clan MacFarlane members social media dashboard

Announcing Changes: Elevating Connection and Heritage

Get ready for a stronger Clan MacFarlane experience! Beginning September 1st, annual membership dues will adjust. But that's not all – an exciting transformation is coming to with an all-new Members Area! Connect globally, access tailored content, and engage with fellow MacFarlanes like never before - JUST for members of Clan MacFarlane!
photo of Clan MacFarlane Executive Director Diana MacFarlane

Meet New Clan MacFarlane Executive Director Diana MacFarlane

We are thrilled to officially announce Diana MacFarlane as the new Executive Director of the International Clan MacFarlane Society! Diana's journey with us began as the Director of Media and Member Services, where her exceptional contributions were instrumental in our success.
photo of Clan MacFarlane treasurer John Manchester

Meet New Clan MacFarlane Treasurer John Manchester

We are pleased to announce the installation of John Manchester as the new International Clan MacFarlane Society Treasurer. John has been a dedicated member of our community for many years and has served with distinction in various roles. Many of you may know Melisa and her husband Bill Bermudez from their time as Commissioners to Northern California, USA. During their tenure, they work tirelessly to promote our Clan's history and culture, organise events and gatherings, and connect members from all around the region.