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Promotional art for Clan MacFarlane at the Scottish Tartan Festival in Minden, Louisiana, USA
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Clan MacFarlane Named “Honoured Clan” At The Scottish Tartan Festival

Clan MacFarlane will be celebrated as "Honoured Clan" at the upcoming Scottish Tartan Festival 6th April in Minden, LA, USA!

2023 Annual World Gathering News

As all of you no doubt already know, July 2023 will mark the 50th anniversary of the reformation of our society (after disbandment as a result of world wars) in 1973.  To celebrate, we are going back to where the founding of the International Clan MacFarlane Society took place.  This summer, July 6-9th, we will be holding our 50th Annual World Gathering at the Grandfather Mountain Highland Games near Linville, North Carolina, USA. Even though we have only begun to start the planning of this year’s event, the Games themselves have set some quickly approaching deadlines.
photo of Celebrating Our Scottish Heritage, Kyle Dawson & Cindi McIntosh | Clan MacFarlane 47th Annual General Meeting & World Gathering© International Clan MacFarlane Society • Royal Publishing, Inc.
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