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Cover of The Scottish Banner - July 2023
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The Scottish Banner
July 2023

In this issue... THE ART OF BUILDING A NEW TOWN Celebrating 75 years of Glenrothes. The Fife town of Glenrothes was ‘born’ on 30th June 1948. It was Scotland’s second new town and became the first in Scotland to appoint its own artist to specially create public art. Today the town houses tens of thousands of people, has a strong connection to the electronics industry, as well as a much loved African animal, as Judy Vickers explains. In 1950,.. BACK TO THE TOP The Cairngorm Mountain Railway. The Cairngorm funicular railway in the Cairngorms National Park has the double distinction of being the only funicular railway in Scotland, and the highest railway in the United Kingdom. Positioned on the north side of Cairngorm, the railway serves the Cairngorm Mountain alpine ski area that,.. MY FIVE ANCIENT SITES In the May 2023 edition I reflected on five of my favourite Scottish castles following twelve years of non-stop exploration. Let’s now turn the clock back, way back, into the mists of prehistory. Scotland has tens of thousands of prehistoric sites, from intangible yet significant Mesolithic settlements hinting at...