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Isthmus between Arrochar, Loch Long and Tarbet, Loch Lomond. The name Tarbet is derived from gaelic, An Tairbeart, meaning an isthmus


From the 9th century until the 13th century much of Scotland’s western seaboard was dominated by Viking overlords. In 1263, when King Haakon IV of Norway caught wind of skirmishes on the Isle of Skye between Norse and Scots soldiers, resolved…
Flag depicting International Clan MacFarlane Society Arms. 3'X5' made of sturdy outdoor material printed with UV Ink. Perfect for display on Clan Tents and other Society Functions. From the Court of the Lord Lyon: "The coat of arms fills the banner right to its edges, as though it were a rectangular shield. It is quite wrong to use a banner of a plain colour with the owner's arms on a shield in the middle. This would mean that the owner's arms were ...of that colour with a lithe inescutcheon In the centre. Nor should the external "additaments" be shown, i.e., helmet, mantling, crest, motto and supporters. Its purpose is the location and identification of its owner, and it Is the visual equivalent of his name. The extent of its usage depends upon the corporate body, whether it is only flown over the headquarters building or at all the company's or corporation's sites. Its use as a car bonnet flag is restricted to the head of the corporate body and when he is acting as such"


When you are at a Highland Games/Celtic Festival there are always interesting sights to see, some you may have seen before, some are quite unique. One of the unique things you will see is usually flying at the International Clan MacFarlane Society,…
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