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The Scottish Banner | November 2023

In this issue... CELEBRATING LONACH TRADITION The Lonach Highland and Friendly Society was formed 200 years and friendly, Highland Games. The Lonach Highland Gathering and Games have taken place annually for 180 years each August when all roads lead to Lonach, as Anne-Mary Paterson explains. JOHN MACLEOD The Aberdeen University scientist pioneered the creation of insulin in the 1920s, which has saved millions of lives of those with diabetes, as Neil Drysdale reports. MINGINISH CENTENARY PROJECT The Minginish peninsula on Skye was largely cleared in the Clearances of the 1800s but 100 years ago it was deliberately repopulated on land bought by the government from the MacLeod’s of Dunvegan Castle, with crofts created as part of the “land for heroes” campaign after the First World War. Families from Harris, Lewis and other parts of Skye arrived between 1923 and 1924. Now the community is celebrating that anniversary, looking to put together an exhibition in June 2024 and erect a memorial as Judy Vickers explains.
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The Scottish Banner
May 2023

In this issue... SCOTLAND'S OLDEST TARTAN DISCOVERED New scientific research has revealed a piece of tartan found in a peat bog in Glen Affric around forty years ago can be dated to circa 1500-1600 AD, making it the oldest known surviving specimen of true tartan in Scotland. The Scottish Tartans Authority commissioned... SCOTLAND'S ZEN GARDEN The place of pleasure and delight.  Everything about the Japanese Garden at Cowden is designed to slow visitors down, to calm the mind and encourage contemplation, even down to the uneven stones underfoot at the entrance arch, which is carved with the words “the place of pleasure and delight”. These days, the garden, near the town of Dollar, quietly hums... TWELVE YEARS AND OVER 400 CASTLES LATER My favorite Scottish Castles. Twelve years after my arrival in Scotland from Canada, I have more than made up for the lack of true castles in the country of my birth. To date, my Scottish castle count stands at 443, almost all of which I have reached by foot, bicycle, and public transport. To answer the two very reasonable questions...
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The Scottish Banner
April 2023

In this issue... A CELEBRATION OF TARTAN V&A Dundee present major exhibition solely on tartan. Tartan (1 April 2023 – 14 January 2024) at V&A Dundee takes a radical new look at an instantly recognisable textile and pattern. Set to be a major event in 2023’s cultural calendar, Tartan marks the 5th anniversary of Scotland’s design museum. Celebrating tartan and its global impact, the exhibition explores... 100 YEARS OF FLYING SCOTSAMAN World’s most famous steam locomotive.  Friday 24 February 2023, marked 100 years since Flying Scotsman, the world’s most famous steam locomotive, set off on its first journey from the sheds at Doncaster Works. Now a national treasure, Flying Scotsman is a star attraction in... THE PRESTWICK PIONEERS Prestwick is located in South Ayrshire and is synonymous with Scottish aviation. Ninety years ago this month, on April 3 1933 David McIntyre and Sir Douglas Douglas-Hamilton were the first men to fly over the summit of Mount Everest. The aviators would go on to form Scottish Aviation Ltd at Prestwick, which was the last Scottish aircraft manufacturing company created, as Eric Bryan explains.