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Loch Sloy from Ben Voirlich


Loch Sloy lies at the northern entrance to Glenloin, in the deep valley between Ben Vorlich and Ben Vane. Up Glenloin lay the route to the north and west, passing along the rough shore of the loch and emerging on the flatter land beyond at the…
International Clan MacFarlane Society Inc. Grant of Arms by Court of the Lord Lyon ©Clan MacFarlane Charitable Trust - This image may not be reproduced.

The Clan MacFarlane Charitable Trust- Clan Icons Collection

Lyon Court Rendition of The Armorial Bearings of Walter MacFarlane of that Ilk.  Shield- Argent, a saltire engrailed cantoned with four roses Gules Crest - A demi savage brandishing in his dexter hand a broad sword and pointing with…