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Samhain And The Origin Of The Jack O’ Lantern

The origin of the Jack O' Lantern has roots in a Celtic holiday called Samhain that celebrates the end of summer and the final harvest.
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Male and Female Pictish- Warriors


There is a curious misconception among some, that Scotland is entirely a Celtic nation. In fact, until the writings of W. F Skene in his work “Celtic Scotland”, published in the 19th century, the opposite was the case. Until “Celtic Scotland”…
Hogmanay Fireworks Scotland

Origins of Hogmanay

What does Hogmanay actually mean and what is the derivation of the name? Why do the Scots more than any other nation celebrate the New Year with such a passion? Why should a tall dark stranger be a welcome first foot visitor after midnight,…

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Berry Celtic Festival Berry NSW Australia

Berry Celtic Festival | Clan MacFarlane Hospitality Tent | Berry, New South Wales • Australia

JOIN US The International Clan MacFarlane Society will host a hospitality tent at the Berry Celtic Festival. The tent will be hosted by Timothy Miller, Commissioner New South Wales ICMS. Come join us for a day of Clan fellowship and fun! ABOUT…