collarStud-300x225Directories of Officers and Officials of The International Clan MacFarlane Society, Inc.

In 1911 the original Clan MacFarlane Society, An Comunn Chloinn Phàrlane, was established in Glasgow and London. The Secretary of this society was the historian James Macfarlane, Author of History of the Clan Macfarlane, The Honour of Lennox, The Red Fox, and the recently released Ean Dudh. Due to the events of World War I, and the following economic depression An Comunn Chloinn Phàrlane faded out of existence by 1922.In 1973 The Clan MacFarlane Society, Inc. was established at Grandfather Mountain, North Carolina and became heir to the original records of An Comunn Chloinn Phàrlane.Since 1973 the Clan MacFarlane Society, Inc. has grown into an international society with members world wide.

 Directory of the International Clan MacFarlane Society, Inc. Officers and Board of Directors

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This is a list of CMSI representatives (Commissioners). These people organize the Clan Presence at the local games and answer any questions that you may have regarding Clan MacFarlane. Contact them to find out about upcoming MacFarlane happenings.