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Clan MacFarlane Society’s Sponsorship: Bridging Heritage and Technology at Arrochar Parish Church

The International Clan MacFarlane Society generously sponsored high-speed internet for the historic Arrochar Parish Church in Scotland, a deeply significant place intertwined with Clan MacFarlane's heritage. The sponsorship elevated the church into the digital age, expanding its outreach globally. The church, originally tied to Walter MacFarlane, the last Clan Chief, holds historical significance, housing MacFarlane ancestors' graves and precious artifacts. Today, the MacFarlane Hunting tartan adorns the pulpit and communion table as a symbol of unity, celebrating the fusion of heritage and technology, envisioning a future enriched by both.
image of the Earl of Lennox - MacFarlane name origin

Clan MacFarlane’s Rich History and MacFarlane Name Origin

Discover the captivating history of Clan MacFarlane, one of Scotland's earliest clans with feudal charters, tracing their roots to the Celtic Earl of Lennox and their pivotal role in Scotland's fight for independence. Explore the intriguing origins of the MacFarlane name, from Gaelic variations to its connection with pre-Gaelic languages. Learn how the Plantation of Ulster influenced the clan's name variations. Plus, find out how the International Clan MacFarlane Society and Clan MacFarlane Heritage Trust work to preserve this rich heritage.
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The Scottish Banner
Sep 2023

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