photo of Ken Burkitt, Jr.- Clan MacFarlane Commissioner To Pennsylvania USA

Meet New Commissioner To Pennysylvania Ken Burkitt

We are happy to announce the appointment of Ken Burkitt, Jr. as the new International Clan MacFarlane Society Commissioner to Pennsylvania USA.  Ken is fairly new to the Society having joined in 2019 but he has taken his heritage journey on with exuberance after answering the call to represent Clan MacFarlane in his home state of Pennsylvania.
Cover of The Scottish Banner, August 223, Clan MacFarlane
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The Scottish Banner
Aug 2023

In this issue... CELEBRATING STORIES AT THE ROYAL EDINBURGH MILITARY TATTOO This month, set against the spectacular backdrop of Edinburgh Castle, the Royal Edinburgh Military Tattoo will welcome local and international audiences to their new show, Stories. Staged between 4-26 August,... MY 5 FAVOURITE EARLY HISTORIC SITES Previously, I shared five of my favourite Scottish medieval castles and five of my favourite ancient sites. Now, it’s time to pick five from the somewhat awkward middle child, the Early Historic period. You may be more familiar with the term ‘Dark Ages’,... HEAD TO SCOTLAND FOR AN ADVENTURE THIS SUMMER Scotland benefits from beautiful scenery, many hills and mountains to explore, as well as stunning wildlife and spectacular walking routes and trails. With the arrival of summer...
photo of Scott and Gina McFarland, Clan MacFarlane Commissioners to South Florida

Meet New Commissioners To South Florida – Scott and Gina McFarland

We are happy to announce the appointment of Scott and Gina McFarland as the new International Clan MacFarlane Society Commissioners to South Florida. Scott and Gina have been a delightful addition to our annual Clan gatherings and have volunteered to represent our Society in their home state. Their passion and fun-loving spirit is much appreciated and we cannot wait to see what they accomplish. We asked Scott and Gina to tell us a wee bit about themselves, their personal MacFarlane story and what they have planned for the future of clan work in their area.
Cover of The Scottish Banner - July 2023
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The Scottish Banner
July 2023

In this issue... THE ART OF BUILDING A NEW TOWN Celebrating 75 years of Glenrothes. The Fife town of Glenrothes was ‘born’ on 30th June 1948. It was Scotland’s second new town and became the first in Scotland to appoint its own artist to specially create public art. Today the town houses tens of thousands of people, has a strong connection to the electronics industry, as well as a much loved African animal, as Judy Vickers explains. In 1950,.. BACK TO THE TOP The Cairngorm Mountain Railway. The Cairngorm funicular railway in the Cairngorms National Park has the double distinction of being the only funicular railway in Scotland, and the highest railway in the United Kingdom. Positioned on the north side of Cairngorm, the railway serves the Cairngorm Mountain alpine ski area that,.. MY FIVE ANCIENT SITES In the May 2023 edition I reflected on five of my favourite Scottish castles following twelve years of non-stop exploration. Let’s now turn the clock back, way back, into the mists of prehistory. Scotland has tens of thousands of prehistoric sites, from intangible yet significant Mesolithic settlements hinting at...
photo of Clan MacFarlane Commissioner to New York, Hamilton Galloway

Meet New Commissioner to New York Hamilton Galloway

We are pleased to announce the appointment of Hamilton Galloway as the new International Clan MacFarlane Society Commissioner to New York state. Hamilton has been a dedicated representative for Clan MacFarlane in the annual New York City Tartan Day Parade.  He has faithfully led the Clan MacFarlane contingent in the famous event for the past few years. In the following interview, we sit down with Hamilton as he shares his journey, aspirations, and the significance of his role in connecting and celebrating our heritage in the vibrant state of New York.
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Announcing Changes: Elevating Connection and Heritage

Get ready for a stronger Clan MacFarlane experience! Beginning September 1st, annual membership dues will adjust. But that's not all – an exciting transformation is coming to with an all-new Members Area! Connect globally, access tailored content, and engage with fellow MacFarlanes like never before - JUST for members of Clan MacFarlane!