photo of Clan MacFarlane treasurer John Manchester

Meet New Clan MacFarlane Treasurer John Manchester

We are pleased to announce the installation of John Manchester as the new International Clan MacFarlane Society Treasurer. John has been a dedicated member of our community for many years and has served with distinction in various roles. Many of you may know Melisa and her husband Bill Bermudez from their time as Commissioners to Northern California, USA. During their tenure, they work tirelessly to promote our Clan's history and culture, organise events and gatherings, and connect members from all around the region.
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The Scottish Banner
May 2023

In this issue... SCOTLAND'S OLDEST TARTAN DISCOVERED New scientific research has revealed a piece of tartan found in a peat bog in Glen Affric around forty years ago can be dated to circa 1500-1600 AD, making it the oldest known surviving specimen of true tartan in Scotland. The Scottish Tartans Authority commissioned... SCOTLAND'S ZEN GARDEN The place of pleasure and delight.  Everything about the Japanese Garden at Cowden is designed to slow visitors down, to calm the mind and encourage contemplation, even down to the uneven stones underfoot at the entrance arch, which is carved with the words “the place of pleasure and delight”. These days, the garden, near the town of Dollar, quietly hums... TWELVE YEARS AND OVER 400 CASTLES LATER My favorite Scottish Castles. Twelve years after my arrival in Scotland from Canada, I have more than made up for the lack of true castles in the country of my birth. To date, my Scottish castle count stands at 443, almost all of which I have reached by foot, bicycle, and public transport. To answer the two very reasonable questions...