Cover of The Scottish Banner • January 2022 Issue

The Scottish Banner
Jan 2022

In this issue... FOR THESE ARE MY MOUNTAINS | The Scottish Banner speaks to Tristan Cameron Harper.  Tristan Cameron Harper is a photographer and mountain guide with a passion for Scotland’s incredible outdoors. Tristan took the time to speak to the Scottish Banner on his love of the Scottish Highlands, being a former professional ice hockey player and Munro Bagging. SCOTLAND AFTER DARK | Keeping curiosity alive after sunset. David C. Wenczok explores the beauty of Edinburgh after dark. "I write this in Edinburgh on the 4th of December, it is fully dark outside by 15:45. Elsewhere in Scotland, night comes much sooner. wo days ago, a friend who recently moved back to Orkney after several years living in the Central Belt lamented the loss of all-natural light there by 14:30. Tellingly, the Scottish Gaelic term for the month of December is..." SCOTLAND IS CALLING FOR 2022 | Misty green landscapes and towering peaks, ancient city streets and tales of the past, freshly opened casks and the cent of seasonal dishes... they are all calling. Calling explorers, thrill-seekers, beach-goers, city-breakers, solo travellers, families, and everyone in between – no matter the season Scotland is the place...